Textile Design, hand painted watercolors

We believe in the artistry of printmaking. We give prints a voice and tell a story that is carried by the wearer. Instead of buying pre-made factory prints, we exclusively hand paint them in our sunny art studio in Sorrento. 


The minuscule and fine details of a brush stroke, the unpredictable movement of watercolor as a fluid medium crystallizing on paper, the juxtaposition of ancient textiles against contemporary drawings.

The textiles

“Textile choice not only influences our ecological footprint but it also determines the quality of our collection.”

Drawing inspiration from nature, art, history, or travel, and idea starts with a drawing on a sketchbooks, that later evolves into print that becomes logbook of travels and a journal of memories.

Handpicked & individually chosen

After working with textiles in fashion design for over a decade, Ferdinando Fusco personally selects every textile by hand, ensuring the selection of high quality fabrics.

This collection features linen from Italy and cotton from India, and viscose. All earth friendly materials that were chosen for their distinctive qualities, and ensure the garment can be worn for years preserving its intrinsic value.


Italian design, Handmade by artisans

Our philosophy for manufacture is the opposite of commercial brands with a logo that produce for the masses. Our goal is to work with artisans to help preserve cultural heritage through handmade artisanal fashion, and to produce slow fashion directly from our atelier. 

We collaborate with pattern makers in Italy who have carried this skill for generations. Then our clothes are made by the skilled hands of artisans, bearing embroidery to reflect their artisanal techniques and centuries-old traditions. 

Sustainability isn’t a tag-line, it’s embedded in our values.

Well before it became a trend, this has always been a cornerstone in our practice that is reflected in our choice of textiles and in our slow fashion production with artisans.