Small atelier,
International presence 

We have presented our collections at White Milano, Who’s Next in Paris, SoHo in NYC, and South Beach in Miami.


“I have always been fascinated by textile and pattern design conveyed as a form of art. I like to use watercolors and digital art to create original prints that tell a story.”

Ferdinando Fusco has developed a very personal style in printmaking for Italian fashion. He achieves an original artistic vision for textile design by mixing imagination with reality–that is influenced by nature and world history.  As a printmaker and artist, he challenges the classic geometric theme used for decades, and reinvents prints with a bold and colorful language. He proposes a refreshing look with a personality that is sure to make a statement and be remembered for those who are not shy to express themselves through fashion. 


Our flagship store is located in Sorrento, and has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors.

“As soon as I entered Ferdinando’s boutique I was amazed by the refinement and originality of the garments. The pieces are the result of creativity combined with love for the coast, there are various references to the art of the area.

I bought a beautiful baby-doll style dress because I was struck by the chromatic harmony, the material used, the hand-made prints and the wearability. Congratulations Ferdinando!”